At Nutie Donuts we are all about “have your cake and eat it too”. We make gluten free, dairy free and vegan treats that really everyone can eat, love and enjoy together.
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It’s not a party till there’s dessert, and it’s
not a good party unless it’s Nutie! Our donuts,
cakes and desserts come in a variety of
flavours that are perfect for any occasion.
And because you can’t live of sugar
alone we are happy to offer savoury
catering including our satisfying
salads, cauliflower pizzas and other
finger food.


Bring sweet smiles to the faces of clients,
vendors, partners, or employees with Nutie’s
corporate gifts. With various sizing options,
dessert varieties, and personalisation,
it’s hard to pick the wrong treat. We are
able to add customised stickers, cards and
handwritten notes or completely design
donuts and treats in your company colours.
We ask for at least one weeks’ notice to
ensure that we are able to fulfil your request.
Two weeks’ notice is preferred for any order
that will be delivered to 20 or more recipients.

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