At Nutie Donuts we are all about “have your cake and eat it too”. We make gluten free, dairy free and vegan treats that really everyone can eat, love and enjoy together.
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Got a question? Ask away!

How do I even pronounce your name?

Just say Nut-eee with a big smile in your face.

Is everything you make gluten free?

Oh yes, it is and always will be. There are
absolutely no crumbs to be found in our kitchen.
We also check in with all of our suppliers to
make sure none of the ingredients we use
contain gluten or any other derivative of wheat.

Do you have dairy free and vegan options?

Oh boy, do we have good news for you.We have plenty of dairy free and vegan options available. Just ask our lovely team in store to talk you through the options. When ordering on the website everything is labelled.

Please be aware we do handle dairy for some products though and there is always a very small chance of cross contamination.

Are your products halal?

Even though we are not fully halal all our
products are free from animal gelatine and other animal products, as we
are a strictly vegetarian business.

We do use alcohol for some products like our tiramisu. Please ask our staff for suitable options.


Please be aware that dairy, nuts, soy and eggs
are present in the kitchen. Even products that
don’t contain these products are at risk of cross
contamination, therefore these allergens may occur.
Our friendly staff knows all about this so please
let them know if you have particular questions
regarding ingredients and allergens.

Where is it all made?

We pride ourselves by hand making every single
item in our open pastry kitchen in Dulwich Hill.
Come and visit us to see where the magic
happens, it does not get any fresher than this.

Can I give you a call?

We are a small business and most of the times
stuck up to our elbows in bowls of chocolate
or making coffees for our lovely customers.
Picking up a phone in between is a bit hard,
so please be patient and send us an email.

I still have a question?

Let us know! We love meeting new people
(and talking to the ones we already know).
Make sure you go to the Say Hello page
and we’ll get back to your email as quick
as we can.